A Broad Church.

Dizzyjam Shirts

These four shirts were sat right next to each other in our order queue – and in terms of genres,  you’ve got (left to right) Jungle (Jungle Syndicate), Welsh Folk (Mary Hopkin), Goth (Solemn Novena) and Breakbeat (Ape Music). And that’s exactly the kind of diversity we want to encourage. We think it’s healthy to listen to genres you wouldn’t normally – and we love listening to bands we’ve discovered through making their merch at Dizzyjam.

We don’t mind what type of music you make, or what genre of music you put out on your label, or what you DJ – as long as it’s music. You won’t see anyone who isn’t involved in music on our site, so you know you’re always in good company.

Do you listen to just one genre, or do you take everything in? Are you a radio listener, a Spotifyier or an MP3 or CD or vinyl person? Or even Youtube?

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