An AMAZING deal on team shirts for your event/festival

Swn Fest volunteers in Dizzyjam-printed shirts dizzyjam swn volunteers (Large)

Dizzyjam was set up by a couple of guys with a long history of promoting events and running small festivals, so supporting them is something that’s really close to our hearts. And obviously one of the ways we can do this is by providing sponsored t-shirts for stewards and volunteers to wear at the event. So we’ve come up with this brilliant new scheme:

We’ll provide as many volunteer/steward t-shirts as you like at a massively discounted price, meaning you get the shirts at the lowest possible price on the market. We’ll make no money from this deal, but it means we can support you, and hopefully we can work together for each other’s benefit in the following way:

We’ll give you a referral link to share with the bands that play at your event, and the fans that attend it. For every new user that signs up to Dizzyjam using that link, we’ll refund you a pound. This means if you share the link via Twitter, FB, newsletters etc, you could easily get all your money back, meaning your volunteer shirts would have been completely free. We’ll send you a monthly update on how many have signed up, and transfer the total cash to you at the end of the campaign.

So, you get a FANTASTIC deal on your stewards shirts, even if nobody signs up, but you also get a real chance to earn all your money back for almost no effort.

Just check out those bloody gorgeous shirts we did for Huw Stephen’s amazing Swn Festival. We’ve been helping them with their team’s shirts for 4 years now, and we love working with them!

We’ll also help you maximise this opportunity by giving you free advice and support on the colours, design, and (if you need it) the sizes you’ll need.

If you’d like to sign up, or more info, just email us here. If you can, include a rough idea of how many shirts you want, and an attachment or link to your design.

Example price – 100 top quality white t-shirts with a one colour design = £260 inc VAT & delivery (we can do even better deals if you are happy to use lower quality shirts).

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