Better By Design

Need a design made to print on a shirt or a mug? Or maybe you’ve got a design, but you need it edited for a special event? How about removing the background so it’s transparent when we print it? Design is pretty important when it comes to your merch. But it’s also pretty tough to get right. Here’s some tips to help you out. Of course, the best way to do it is to hire a professional graphic designer, but they don’t always come cheap, so here’s a few alternatives:


This neat logo design service lets you type the name of your company, and automatically generates a selection of suitable logos. You can buy the logo in print quality for about $30.


For $5, you can ask someone to create you a design. Given the price, you don’t get much more than an image in your inbox. But if you don’t have graphics software, this site is great for edits and quick fixes to existing designs.


Designers compete to work on your design brief. You can set the budget, so you always know what you’re spending. Typically it can work out much cheaper than a bespoke designer.


This is a free way to create great graphics, slides, and logos, all using existing templates. And it’s so easy even a chimp could do it. Some of the nicer options do cost, but even if you go crazy on them, you’re likely to come away with a great design for well under $10.
So between these options, you’ll be good to go with some pretty saucy looking logos for your merch.

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