Christmas 2021 – Final Ordering Dates

Here’s the dates for your fans to receive their merch in time for the big day. However, we have to say, this year we are also seeing lots of disruption to our stock levels (we can’t get enough blank items to print on) and delivery services (we can’t get items quickly, and they’re take longer to get to customers). So we really do recommend getting your fans to order early in order to avoid disappointment.

United Kingdom – 14th December (except posters – 2nd December)

United States – 12th December (except caps – 1st December)

Canada – 7th December (except caps – 1st December)

European Union – 14th December (except caps – 1st December)

*Posters = 2nd December
** Caps = 1st December

Tip: Why not make yourself a Christmas sweatshirt like GLC have?

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