Dizzyjam Release Their API

Music merchandising and e-commerce platform Dizzyjam is pleased to announce that their API is ready to use, enabling other online services to provide their users with the option to create and sell merch from within their site.

Dizzyjam is a print on demand service, offering a no hassle merchandising service exclusively to those in the music industry. They offer a direct-to-fan merch option which is risk free and costs nothing, requiring no financial investment and no stock control, and leaving no leftovers. With a process which is completely free, from setting up a shop to collecting profits, users need only upload an image to get started and within minutes they can be offering a range of merch with an array of colour and design options.

With the Dizzyjam API, other music services can give their users the option to display, add and edit products and stores, make purchases and check out – all from within their site. Dizzyjam already offers embeddable shops for users’ own websites, as well as a Facebook app for displaying products on Facebook fan pages. And now the API provides the chance for users to sell their merch on demand alongside other services, on a wider scale.

This could mean big things for Dizzyjam, as artists will now be able to fully integrate their Dizzyjam shops with other platforms, including their fanpages and social media pages, making it easier for all their media and online tools to be accessed by their fans in one place. Fans might now read an artists bio, download a new track, look at their photo gallery and buy merch on demand all from one site.

Using the Dizzyjam API will not only mean a great, fully integrated service to offer users, but will also importantly provide an extra revenue stream for platforms who use it.

For more information about the technical details of the API, see the API documentation at

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