Exclusive New Myspace Beta Access

How to get your exclusive invite at the bottom of the page…

Myspace is making a comeback – but fear not, it’s nothing like as camp as the word “comeback” implies. Thankfully, Myspace’s reincarnation is more classy exhibition of artistic maturity than desperate attempt to explode colourfully back into relevance. Myspace has grown up – which is lucky, because so have the people who once used it and may use it again.

myspace LargeThe new site looks super sleek and is obviously designed with creatives in mind, with full page cover photos on profiles and the side scrolling providing a stream of glossy pictures – you’re never short of something pretty to look at. It’s not exactly photo focused though (although you can attach pictures to posts) in that you’re probably not going to be uploading pics from last year’s holiday to Tenerife – pictures are there to complement the music.

There are some nifty little features, like being able to start typing on any page to begin searching – but it’s the music streaming and ease of sharing that separates it from the rest. The streaming bar at the bottom of the page means that you can browse while your music continues to play – something that wasn’t possible on the old Myspace without opening a pop-up window. And sharing music is easier than ever too – attach a song to a post, add to a playlist or mix or send to someone as a message.

You have the option to claim your old Myspace account – but if you can’t bear to face your teenage self, it’s perhaps best to start again with your new mature outlook, a bit like Myspace have done.

Dizzyjam are offering you the chance to be one of the people with exclusive access to the beta version of the site. Just send a blank email to [email protected], and they’ll get you set right up. And don’t forget to connect to us on Myspace once you’re signed up, and tell us what you think!

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