January Newsletter

January 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to a new decade. At Dizzyjam, we variously saw it in by: drinking strong drinks out of ribena bottles; frightening karaoke; DJing on an indoor boat; drawing on walls at 6am; saying b0llocks to it all and going to bed at 11pm.

Aside from that, we’ve got a few important announcements we want to make sure all our shop owners are aware of.

Jungle Syndicate T-shirt1. FULL COLOUR PRINTING.

Yep, we can now offer full colour merch creation for your fans. And it’s really easy too. All you have to do is upload a high quality image, then choose whether you want to offer the new full colour service, or stick with the one colour service. Boom, job done. We’ve got some new design guidelines here and a tutorial on how to add transparency to your designs here.

Want to see some full colour examples? Head here.


A widget is a bit of code that our site automatically creates for you, which you can then copy and paste to your website or blog. What you’ll get is the ability to display your merch away from, so your fans can see your designs while they’re still on your site.

At the moment they work with WordPress and Blogger (and of course your own site if you can edit your own code). As they’re still in beta the widgets aren’t yet compatible with MySpace and Facebook. But we’re working on that, as well as adding new features. Let us know what you think by emailing us at [email protected]

3. PRICES.Featurecast T-shirts

^^Puts old man hat and pipe on^^ We’re sure you can’t have escaped from the fact that everything costs more these days. VAT’s gone up, the price of cotton has doubled in the last six months, and petrol seems to be more pricey than champagne. And that unfortunately has a direct effect on the cost of our shirts and our printing materials. So unfortunately we are forced into putting our prices up. Yeah we know it sucks.

We’ve held our low introductory prices for as long as possible, but we have to raise prices so that we can continue to help you sell your merch and make money for you. The good thing for you is you still make a big percentage of every sale, so you’ll actually earn even more money on every product you sell. The prices below will come into effect on Tuesday 1st February 2011, so you’ve got until then to let people know. To put a relentlessly happy spin on it, you could tell your fans to buy before 1st Feb so that they can get themselves a bargain.

T-shirts in UK, Europe, Asia, Australia – £14.99
Hoodies in UK, Europe, Asia, Australia – £24.99

T-shirts in North & South America – $19.99
Hoodies in North & South America – $39.99

Bam Bam Sound t-shirt4. CUSTOMER PHOTOS.

It’s not a new thing, but just a reminder that your fans can upload their photos of themselves wearing your shirts to your product pages. They don’t have to log in to do it, and  merch that has a real picture on the page sells bit more than those that don’t – so it’s worth uploading photos yourself and asking your fans to do it too.

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