Radar’s Ultimate Guide To Getting The Most From Your Music Video

Here’s a great guide from our friends over at Radar:

Radar helps independent labels and DIY artists everywhere find and commission the best music video directors for their budget, and helps promote the best new music videos to music journalists and fans worldwide. We also publish useful articles.

Here’s four supercharged tips from “The Ultimate Guide to Getting The Most From Your Music Video”.

Research the kind of video you want

(from ‘Preparation, Preparation, Preparation – how to commission a great video’)

These sites find and feature the best music videos on the internet, use them for inspiration:


(from ‘Presenting Your Video – Publishing platforms and the art of encouraging people to click on your links’)

Thumbnails are the MOST important aspect of presentation and by far the biggest reason someone will click to view your video or not – particularly if they don’t know you and your music. If the pre-selected thumbnail isn’t excellent, without question you need to change it.

Most sites allow you to choose thumbnails – YouTube partners and Vimeo users can upload images. Dailymotion allow video scrolling and frame selection. If you’re not a YouTube partner, the pre-selected images you’re offered are taken from the beginning, middle and end of the video. Ask your director to end the video with static footage of the thumbnail you want, so you can be sure the thumbnail will be included in the three pre-selected images offered.Ideal images include a close-up face with eyes looking to camera.

Simple, strong, colourful images also work well. If you’ve got a few thumbnails to choose from, half-close your eyes and note which image stands out most.

Video Description

Use your video to pull potential fans into your own networks.

Include a call to action and a link in the first sentence, preferably in the first 65 characters – this is how many characters you see in Youtube’s preview, +/- a few.

If you’re concerned calls to action and links smack of hard sell, consider instead that it’s good manners to help people find your links easily.

Example calls to action are “join our newsletter”, “follow us on Twitter”, “like us on Facebook” or “buy on iTunes”. Always follow up with the link.

A good, short story about the video or the artist in the rest of the text encourages comments and helps your video turn up in Google (also known as SEO, search engine optimisation).

Pay for an advertising campaign

(From ‘How to spend money promoting your video’)

This is about getting direct access to potential fans. You’re buying access to the right people and enough repeated visibility to get your message across.

How many times do you need to see an ad before you act? Here’s what people on Quora suggest:

Advertising includes Google Ads, Facebook Ads and adverts on music blogs and newsletters.

Do a lot of small advertising campaigns on different platforms and testing different messages. Always have a call to action and measure the success of each campaign relative to the cost.

The complete “Ultimate Guide To Getting The Most From Your Music Video” and much more is available by signing up for a free account, which you can do here

Commission and Promote great music videos worldwide through Radar

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Take It Away

We’ve learned about a brilliant scheme from the Arts Council to enable young people to get their hands on musical instruments more easily and cheaply.

Take It Away aims to make musical instruments more accessible to children and young people by providing interest-free loans of between £100 and £2,000. Through a network of over 300 participating retailers across England. In the past two and half years, over 50,000 individuals have used the scheme to purchase instruments worth over £50million.

It seems you can get a loan of between £100 and £2,000 towards the cost of a musical instrument as well as additional items such as sheet music, a gig bag and even tuition (if the shop offers it) to make sure your child has everything they need to get playing.

This extension to the Take it away scheme will enable Arts Council England to make musical instruments more accessible to children and young people, supporting them as they first develop their musical talents and interest, when access to good quality instruments is essential to their progression.

The scheme will continue to be open to 18 – 25 year olds applying in their own right, supporting young people post-education when they may need some support with making their own instrument purchase.

How does it work?

If you’re an adult using the scheme to buy an instrument for a child under 18, you’ll need to do this in person at one of our 300+ participating music shops across England.

The shop staff will help you complete the loan application form in-store which includes a credit check being carried out on you. If you’re accepted you’ll need to pay a minimum 10% deposit and then pay the rest back in 9 monthly instalments – completely interest free.

If you’ve got any other questions about Take it away, then head over to their FAQs page or email them at

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Radar Music Videos

We love the idea of Radar. A platform for getting your music video made, and promoted! Check out the great list of videos that have been commissioned through the site. Everyone from Cinematic Orchestra to Young Guns. Here’s some more info, straight from the horse’s mouth!

What’s Your Music Video Strategy This Year?

  • Spend £500 to £5000 / €600 to €6000 / $750 to $7500 per production budget?
  • Want new director talent worldwide to pitch to make every video?
  • Want to promote video releases direct to hundreds of influential music journalists?

If that sounds like your kind of plan, start using Radar.

We help labels and artists everywhere find and commission the best directors for their budget, and we promote the best videos to music journalists and fans worldwide.

Clients already commissioning through Radar include: PIAS, Big Life Management, Hospital Records, Southern Fried Records, Anjuna Beats, Mercury Records, Skint Records, Cooking Vinyl, Memphis Industries, Sony Music Spain, Sunday Best Records, Toolroom Records, Strictly Rhythm, Restylers, New State, Infectious Records

If anyone asks me about Radar, I say  ‘why aren’t you using them already?’ ” Katy Ellis, Anglo Management

Open a free account now.

When you want to advertise your next music video brief, upgrade to a Label/Artist subscription, for a one-off cost of £20 / €24 / $30 per brief.

Client reviews

Music videos commissioned using Radar

Briefs posted by other labels, artists and management

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Make your band look and feel more professional

Make your band look and feel more professional, optimise the free tools the web has to offer by Planzai Music – Part 1 (Behind the Scenes)

This guest blog post comes from Planzai, a how to app for musicians, and their content expert David Hill. He is also the director of an independent record and management label so is well placed to pass on some zero cash methods to bring your band up to scratch…

The Internet promised this great digital democracy. A space in which the most creative people would become destined for greatness. The truth is; the opposite happened. Those who have achieved greatness are the least creative. Untalented people have achieved world wide acclaim. If only for 15 minutes.

Today being a successful musician Is more difficult than ever. Being in a band means much more than writing and performing great songs. In order to get ahead in the music industry and make money, you need to promote your music, and build long-term relationships with fans and the media.

You can set yourself at a much higher standard, and look more professional, than so many other band and artists without spending a penny. Below are my favorite free tools and how you could use them.


The first benefit of gmail is that a google email address looks, feels and sounds way more professional that Hotmail, AOL, Yahoo etc. Set up and you are read to rock.

Gmail can become the heart of your operation its many free apps within the menu bar allowing you to keep onto of your affairs. These are all easy to share with your band mates and to keep everyone in the loop. They are also available for mobile devices which will be handy on tour.

  • Gdocs – Google’s version of ‘Microsoft office/Work’. Use it to manage all your money from gigs and merch sales. Store all the email addresses of your blogs/press/media/record label/management and those people who download your free music (from Bandcamp) to email them from your mailing list (Mailchimp). I will cover these later. Use Word to write and save your lyrics, booking contracts rider and tour schedules
  • Gcal – Keep track of all your touring/recording commitments, PR campaigns using Google’s simple calendar. Colour code each member of the band to keep track of personal commitments like school, uni and work to ensure you dont double book.
  • Gmaps – Great tool to research and plan getting around during tours. With Gmail you can save your travel schedule to look at anytime you want. It has a new feature that tells you about toll roads, speed cameras and how much fuel will cost for your journey. Gmaps are handy to help you find services on the road like where to eat, music shops, hotel, service station and laundrettes. This app can be used as your sat nav on tour to help you make sound check on time
  • Greader – this is an RSS tool. Save all your favorite bands, mags, promoters, venues and record labels blogs and receive regular updates. Keep on top of what’s happening in your scene. Interact with these blogs and let them know if you like or dislike what they are up to.
  • Blogger – Sign up to Blogger and keep your own blog. You wont need to use this every day when you are starting out, post an update every month to make everyone aware of your overall happenings. It’s a great idea to sync this to your facebook page and twitter feed. I will talk about this later too.
  • Youtube – you can set up and manage your Youtube channel with your Gmail address. It’s simple and effective and makes sharing tour/studio diaries and music videos even easier.

So now that you have yourself organised. So organised that you have set up an awesome tour or have an awesome new recording to share with your fans.


So you want to issue a press release about your new tour or EP to all the press contacts that you have collected (Gdocs’ version of excel of course). Gmail is a traditional email service, its very difficult to email multiple people at once. This is where MailChimp comes into play. MailChimp allows you to have 2,000 emails in your mail out and send 12,000 at once, for free.

Sign up for MailChimp’s free service and customise your own digi press release/newsletter filled with all your most relevant up to date news. MailChimp makes it very easy to create your own personalised news letter so don’t be scared to pimp it out with your colours and logo to give it a sense of identity.

Remember its best to send this letter to those people you know have interest in your act. Sending your news letter out cold can be a very challenging task but keep at it. MailChimp also allows you to see who has opened your email, keep track of these stats to gauge your progress.

For more tips on how to get forward in the Music biz visit Planzai follow @planzaimusic or email

Part 2 – Front end coming soon.

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Disco Shedonism

Our very good friends at Disco Shed have just launched their new range of summer essentials for the shedonist massive!

Kitsch, cool, and full of character, the Disco Shed was conceived in a moment of garden party madness by club promoters and long time festival goers Peepshow Paddy and Aidan ‘Count’ Skylarkin. Taking inspiration from their actual shed, in which they’d enjoyed one too many parties for their neighbours liking, you’ll find their 8 x 6 ft Billy O Box rocking the lawns and greens of festivals right across the UK this summer.

Going deep into the wildlife zone, this year sees the likes of  “Nutkin Squirrel”,  fancy feathers “Twit twoo Owl”,  “The Worm” and a whole bunch of “Fungi” representing in the latest rave-up range.

New Disco Shed Summer 2011 Range/

New Disco Shed Summer 2011 Range

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Goldie Lookin Chain – The Fresh Prince Of Cwmbran

Newport’s finest, Goldie Lookin Chain have wandered as far as Cwmbran for their new track & video The Fresh Prince Of Cwmbran:

Watch it here…

You can get these sexy GLC Fresh Prince Of Cwmbran t-shirts here.

GLC fresh prince of cwmbran

We expect to see photos of you next to the biscuit factory in Cwmbran wearing them.

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Penny postage and sell your merch with bundled MP3s

Well, we don’t know about you guys, but here at Dizzyjam HQ in not-so-sunny Cardiff we’ve become heartily bored of the lack of the British summer so far. Two or three consecutive sunny days isn’t too much to ask, is it?

So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to improve the weather for everyone with a little t-shirt voodoo. What is more than likely to bring on a blazing few weeks of sunshine than offering UK postage for t-shirts for just a penny? Yep, any t-shirts despatched the the UK in the month of July will cost no more than a whopping £0.01 to be delivered.

But that’s not all. This morning we launched some groovy new functionality. All shopowners are now able to give away MP3s with their t-shirts or hoodies. You’ll be able to upload a track, a mix or an album, and give it away as a bonus with your merch. Or maybe you consider the MP3s the stuff they’re paying for, and the t-shirts are free! Either way, it’s a cast iron way to sell more merch (and bring out the sun!). Just head to Dizzyjam, login, and click on the “Downloads” link in your shop menu.

Any problems, just give us a shout via Twitter, Facebook, or our Contact Page.

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Record Store Day 2011

Well that was fun wasn’t it? We’re glad to have been a part of RSD11, where we camped ourself in Spillers Records in Cardiff, and made and customised the famous Spillers Records t-shirts ‘live’.

RSD Queue
When we arrived at opening time, we were greeted by a humungous queue, all waiting for the exclusive RSD releases. So we got ourselves some tea, and waited for everything to calm down. Except it didn’t, in fact the queue kept getting bigger as the morning wore on. How great is that? Music fans turning up super early and keeping independent shops going strong.

In between the madness of the morning, and the bands on in the late afternoon, we were kept busy at the Dizzyjam stand making the shirts, saying hello to customers, and drinking more tea. We drank a lot of tea – it’s compulsory if you work in a record shop.
Early reports show that the day was a massive success, with album sales being up 20% overall, and NINE of the top ten vinyl albums were RSD2IMG_0063 editedRSD exclusives, despite being on sale for only one day.

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New Facebook app launched

dizzyjam_1301497871520We’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched a Facebook app to allow your customers to browse your products on your Facebook fanpage and then buy.

To add the app to your fanpage all you need to do is….

1Click here.

2 – On the left hand side of that page there is a menu with “add to my page” on it. Click that.

3 – Go to your fanpage – You’ll see a link in the lefthand column entitled “Merch”. Click that.

4 – You’ll be taken to the settings page. At the moment you can only change one thing, which is the setting to point your FB app to your shop. This should hopefully be self explanatory. Drop us a line to support -at- if you need help here.

You’re done!

You can change the name of the page from “Merch” to anything you like by going to the “edit info” link at the top of your fanpage, then “Apps”, then Dizzyjam – Edit Settings.

The paint’s still drying, and we intend to add more functionality as we go along, so please let us know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.


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A Broad Church.

Dizzyjam Shirts

These four shirts were sat right next to each other in our order queue – and in terms of genres,  you’ve got (left to right) Jungle (Jungle Syndicate), Welsh Folk (Mary Hopkin), Goth (Solemn Novena) and Breakbeat (Ape Music). And that’s exactly the kind of diversity we want to encourage. We think it’s healthy to listen to genres you wouldn’t normally – and we love listening to bands we’ve discovered through making their merch at Dizzyjam.

We don’t mind what type of music you make, or what genre of music you put out on your label, or what you DJ – as long as it’s music. You won’t see anyone who isn’t involved in music on our site, so you know you’re always in good company.

Do you listen to just one genre, or do you take everything in? Are you a radio listener, a Spotifyier or an MP3 or CD or vinyl person? Or even Youtube?

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