Disco Shedonism

Our very good friends at Disco Shed have just launched their new range of summer essentials for the shedonist massive!

Kitsch, cool, and full of character, the Disco Shed was conceived in a moment of garden party madness by club promoters and long time festival goers Peepshow Paddy and Aidan ‘Count’ Skylarkin. Taking inspiration from their actual shed, in which they’d enjoyed one too many parties for their neighbours liking, you’ll find their 8 x 6 ft Billy O Box rocking the lawns and greens of festivals right across the UK this summer.

Going deep into the wildlife zone, this year sees the likes of  “Nutkin Squirrel”,  fancy feathers “Twit twoo Owl”,  “The Worm” and a whole bunch of “Fungi” representing in the latest rave-up range.

New Disco Shed Summer 2011 Range/

New Disco Shed Summer 2011 Range

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Goldie Lookin Chain – The Fresh Prince Of Cwmbran

Newport’s finest, Goldie Lookin Chain have wandered as far as Cwmbran for their new track & video The Fresh Prince Of Cwmbran:

Watch it here…

You can get these sexy GLC Fresh Prince Of Cwmbran t-shirts here.

GLC fresh prince of cwmbran

We expect to see photos of you next to the biscuit factory in Cwmbran wearing them.

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Penny postage and sell your merch with bundled MP3s

Well, we don’t know about you guys, but here at Dizzyjam HQ in not-so-sunny Cardiff we’ve become heartily bored of the lack of the British summer so far. Two or three consecutive sunny days isn’t too much to ask, is it?

So, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to improve the weather for everyone with a little t-shirt voodoo. What is more than likely to bring on a blazing few weeks of sunshine than offering UK postage for t-shirts for just a penny? Yep, any t-shirts despatched the the UK in the month of July will cost no more than a whopping £0.01 to be delivered.

But that’s not all. This morning we launched some groovy new functionality. All shopowners are now able to give away MP3s with their t-shirts or hoodies. You’ll be able to upload a track, a mix or an album, and give it away as a bonus with your merch. Or maybe you consider the MP3s the stuff they’re paying for, and the t-shirts are free! Either way, it’s a cast iron way to sell more merch (and bring out the sun!). Just head to Dizzyjam, login, and click on the “Downloads” link in your shop menu.

Any problems, just give us a shout via Twitter, Facebook, or our Contact Page.

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Record Store Day 2011

Well that was fun wasn’t it? We’re glad to have been a part of RSD11, where we camped ourself in Spillers Records in Cardiff, and made and customised the famous Spillers Records t-shirts ‘live’.

RSD Queue
When we arrived at opening time, we were greeted by a humungous queue, all waiting for the exclusive RSD releases. So we got ourselves some tea, and waited for everything to calm down. Except it didn’t, in fact the queue kept getting bigger as the morning wore on. How great is that? Music fans turning up super early and keeping independent shops going strong.

In between the madness of the morning, and the bands on in the late afternoon, we were kept busy at the Dizzyjam stand making the shirts, saying hello to customers, and drinking more tea. We drank a lot of tea – it’s compulsory if you work in a record shop.
Early reports show that the day was a massive success, with album sales being up 20% overall, and NINE of the top ten vinyl albums were RSD2IMG_0063 editedRSD exclusives, despite being on sale for only one day.

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New Facebook app launched

dizzyjam_1301497871520We’re happy to announce that we’ve just launched a Facebook app to allow your customers to browse your products on your Facebook fanpage and then buy.

To add the app to your fanpage all you need to do is….

1Click here.

2 – On the left hand side of that page there is a menu with “add to my page” on it. Click that.

3 – Go to your fanpage – You’ll see a link in the lefthand column entitled “Merch”. Click that.

4 – You’ll be taken to the settings page. At the moment you can only change one thing, which is the setting to point your FB app to your shop. This should hopefully be self explanatory. Drop us a line to support -at- if you need help here.

You’re done!

You can change the name of the page from “Merch” to anything you like by going to the “edit info” link at the top of your fanpage, then “Apps”, then Dizzyjam – Edit Settings.

The paint’s still drying, and we intend to add more functionality as we go along, so please let us know if you find any bugs or have any suggestions.


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A Broad Church.

Dizzyjam Shirts

These four shirts were sat right next to each other in our order queue – and in terms of genres,  you’ve got (left to right) Jungle (Jungle Syndicate), Welsh Folk (Mary Hopkin), Goth (Solemn Novena) and Breakbeat (Ape Music). And that’s exactly the kind of diversity we want to encourage. We think it’s healthy to listen to genres you wouldn’t normally – and we love listening to bands we’ve discovered through making their merch at Dizzyjam.

We don’t mind what type of music you make, or what genre of music you put out on your label, or what you DJ – as long as it’s music. You won’t see anyone who isn’t involved in music on our site, so you know you’re always in good company.

Do you listen to just one genre, or do you take everything in? Are you a radio listener, a Spotifyier or an MP3 or CD or vinyl person? Or even Youtube?

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January Newsletter

January 2011 Newsletter

Welcome to a new decade. At Dizzyjam, we variously saw it in by: drinking strong drinks out of ribena bottles; frightening karaoke; DJing on an indoor boat; drawing on walls at 6am; saying b0llocks to it all and going to bed at 11pm.

Aside from that, we’ve got a few important announcements we want to make sure all our shop owners are aware of.

Jungle Syndicate T-shirt1. FULL COLOUR PRINTING.

Yep, we can now offer full colour merch creation for your fans. And it’s really easy too. All you have to do is upload a high quality image, then choose whether you want to offer the new full colour service, or stick with the one colour service. Boom, job done. We’ve got some new design guidelines here and a tutorial on how to add transparency to your designs here.

Want to see some full colour examples? Head here.


A widget is a bit of code that our site automatically creates for you, which you can then copy and paste to your website or blog. What you’ll get is the ability to display your merch away from, so your fans can see your designs while they’re still on your site.

At the moment they work with WordPress and Blogger (and of course your own site if you can edit your own code). As they’re still in beta the widgets aren’t yet compatible with MySpace and Facebook. But we’re working on that, as well as adding new features. Let us know what you think by emailing us at

3. PRICES.Featurecast T-shirts

^^Puts old man hat and pipe on^^ We’re sure you can’t have escaped from the fact that everything costs more these days. VAT’s gone up, the price of cotton has doubled in the last six months, and petrol seems to be more pricey than champagne. And that unfortunately has a direct effect on the cost of our shirts and our printing materials. So unfortunately we are forced into putting our prices up. Yeah we know it sucks.

We’ve held our low introductory prices for as long as possible, but we have to raise prices so that we can continue to help you sell your merch and make money for you. The good thing for you is you still make a big percentage of every sale, so you’ll actually earn even more money on every product you sell. The prices below will come into effect on Tuesday 1st February 2011, so you’ve got until then to let people know. To put a relentlessly happy spin on it, you could tell your fans to buy before 1st Feb so that they can get themselves a bargain.

T-shirts in UK, Europe, Asia, Australia – £14.99
Hoodies in UK, Europe, Asia, Australia – £24.99

T-shirts in North & South America – $19.99
Hoodies in North & South America – $39.99

Bam Bam Sound t-shirt4. CUSTOMER PHOTOS.

It’s not a new thing, but just a reminder that your fans can upload their photos of themselves wearing your shirts to your product pages. They don’t have to log in to do it, and  merch that has a real picture on the page sells bit more than those that don’t – so it’s worth uploading photos yourself and asking your fans to do it too.

Team Dizzyjamuary.
Facebook / Twitter / / Flickr

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How to create an image with transparent areas

Here’s a guide on how to create transparent areas for your designs.


First off, you need to decide if you are starting your design from scratch, or editing an existing design? Starting from scratch is always best, as it means you won’t lose any definition in your designs. When you create your new document, the settings in the picture below would make a good image. It’s Photoshop, but if you’re using a different program, you should still be able to enter the same information.

If you’ve already got an image you want to use, but it has a white (or any colour) background, then you’ll need to create transparent areas so that when you place your image on a coloured shirt, your design isn’t surrounded by a background-coloured square.

It’s absolutely vital when editing any existing design that you start with it in the highest quality possible. Carrying on with the following process with a low or medium quality image will probably result in a small “halo” of the background colour remaining on your image, which in turn will be printed on your products.

Open up the design in your image editing program. Now it’s possible that your existing design is in a file format that doesn’t like transparent areas. The easiest way to solve this is to copy all of your design using ‘Select All’ then ‘Copy’ from the menus. After this, choose ‘New Document’ and use the settings in the picture above to create a new document. When it opens, notice anything? Instead of a white background, you’ve got a grey and white chequered background. That pattern means ‘transparent area’. Wherever you see that pattern in your design, whatever colour fabric it is printed on will show through. Hit ‘Paste’ and your existing image will cover the transparent area. All you need to do now is chop away the bits you don’t want, revealing the grey and white pattern behind them. Here’s how you do that:

Choose the Magic Wand tool. Click on a part of your white background you don’t want, and a see-through dashed line will appear around it. You might need to set the sensitivity of the tool if it tries to eat too much of the image you want to keep. Choose ‘Cut’ from the ‘Edit’ menu, and there goes a bit of your white to be replaced by the grey and white pattern. Keep doing this until you’ve got rid of everything you DON’T want printed onto your merch.


When saving, choose a file format capable of transparency. DO NOT CHOOSE JPEG – it doesn’t support transparency. We recommend the PNG format.

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Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day

The brilliant “Wear Your Old Band T-Shirt To Work Day” is today. In it’s third year we’re proud to bring you these photos from the Dizzyjam office.

Neil wearing an ancient t-shirt from breakbeat act "Phantom Beats". He claims he's thrown all his Wonderstuff and Frank and Walters t-shirts away. More's the pity! And this photo wasn't staged at all, oh no.

Now Dafydd, doing something intense on a calculator, and trying to avoid the camera. He's wearing a falling-apart "Godspeed You! Black Emperor" t-shirt.

Shelley's not in the office today, so she sent us this doozy of her in an old Maiden shirt. Rockin'!

And finally, a member of staff who refused to be identified, in this erm… well, it speaks for itself.”]

Steve Lamacq, and Wear Your Old Band T-shirt To Work Day, we salute you!

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Myspace on the brink?

Much has been made of Myspace’s apparent inability to keep up with the astonishing growth of Facebook. But now, even after a recent overhaul (video overview of new features), it appears Rupert Murdoch’s Newscorp are considering their options for the site which they bought for $580m just five years ago. In the interim it’s gone from being valued at $12bn to now being considered “a problem” by Chase Carey, Newscorp’s Chief Operating Officer.

He has described the losses made by the network as “neither acceptable or sustainable”, and when asked about if and when they would sell, or turn it round said: “It’s not years … we need to deal with this with urgency”, suggesting a closure, merger, or sale is imminent.

As the recent relaunch clearly didn’t have the desired effect, we may very well be looking at the sale, or even the closing, of Myspace?

It’s odd to think that just a few years ago most people couldn’t be serious about making or promoting music without a strategy that had Myspace at its very core. But now the world has very quickly become a different place.

So if Myspace closes down, what will take its place? Or is it a dead duck anyway, even if it decides to fight on? Who will become the “go-to” platform for music makers? Soundcloud? Bandcamp? Topspin?

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