FAQ - Shop Owners


What's the deal??

You don't want to spend loads of cash on merch you're not sure you're going to sell, right? We solve that problem for you. Just create a free shop with us, upload your image or logo, then you can start selling your merch to your fans straight away. It takes 2 minutes, and you can start making money from your merch with no hassle, stock issues, colour or design worries. Every time a fan of yours buys your merch we process the order, print it, dispatch it to them, then send you your profits. Easy!

How much do I get per item I sell?

Well, that's up to you. We set a base price which covers the cost of the item, plus our costs. You then decide how much profit margin you want to make. We default the retail price to an amount that we think is a decent selling price, and will maximise your sales and the profit you make. But it's entirely up to you. Just edit your shop or product to change the prices, or leave them as they are.

Base prices:

UK / EU = T-shirts £11.24 // Hoodies £20.99 // Totes £6.99 // Mugs £6.99 // Caps £10.75.

USA / ROW = T-shirts $15 // Hoodies $30 // Totes $10 // Mugs $10 // Caps $15.

What t-shirts do you use?

We only use premium quality products. For Men's T-Shirts, white tees are minimum 190gms, with coloured tees being minimum 205gms. Women's T-Shirts are 160gms. Both Men's and Women's T-Shirts are 100% cotton. See here for size details.

What's the print quality like?

We use a variety of different print techniques, depending on the design. We always aim to get the best quality and durability we can for any given design. We've got a T-shirt in the Dizzyjam office that's been washed and worn over 100 times and the print is still rock solid. When we decided to test it to the extremes even we were surprised it looked this good!

How do we get paid the share of our merchandise sales?

The next payment date will be listed in your account. Please make sure your payment details, name, email address and postal address are all accurate and current, then you'll receive your commission on the next payment date. UK shopowners are paid by bank transfer or PayPal, according to their preference. US, Canada, European customers (and everywhere else, in fact) are paid by PayPal only. We're hoping to roll out bank transfers for as many countries as possible later this year.

Why are my fans seeing a different price to me?

When you're logged in, all the products you create are shown at cost price. That means you can buy your own merch commission-free. Your fans will see the full price.

I’m not anything to do with the music scene but I’d still love a shop. Can I have one?

Sorry, no. Dizzyjam is solely for those in the independent music scene. However, you can set up a shop on our sister site Cotton Cart - http://www.cottoncart.com

Got any tips for selling more t-shirts?

1 - Add your shop link (e.g. http://mybandname.dizzyjam.com) to your newsletters, your website, Facebook, Myspace.... If you tell them, they will come!

2 - Tweet it out to your fans. You're not on Twitter? Really? Why not!? :-)

3 - The guys at Pressure Club have a great idea - They told all their friends that if they buy a t-shirt and wear it to the next event they get in free. And seeing as they're earning money from every t-shirt sold it's not really costing them.

4 - Send your customers free stuff (MP3s, CDs, tickets) in exchange for buying a t-shirt. Just request that they send you the confirmation email they get from us as proof.

If you've got any photos of you in your t-shirts mail them to us and we'll put them in our Flickr gallery, and if you have any other promotional ideas then let us know!

I'm going on tour. Can you do me a bulk order?

Yes. If you'd like more than 15 t-shirts head over to our sister site Ramp - http://ramptshirts.com/music

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