Facebook app

To add the app to your fanpage all you need to do is...

  • 1.Click here and select the fanpage(s) you would like to add the Dizzyjam app to
  • 2.Open your Facebook fan page in a new tab (so you can follow these instructions at the same time).
  • 3.Click on the "Merch" box on the right hand side of your page (next to your Photos and Likes - if you can't see it, it might be on the next row down).
  • 4.You'll be taken to the settings page. At the moment you can only change one thing, which is the setting to point your FB app to your shop.
  • 5.Every Dizzyjam shop has a unique URL, and you need to enter the first part of this in this box. You will have set yours when creating your shop. e.g. Dave's Band might be: http://DavesBand.dizzyjam.com

You're done!

You can also change the name of the page from "Merch" to anything you like by going to the "Edit info" link at the top of your fanpage, then "Update Info", then "Apps", then Dizzyjam – Edit Settings.

This should hopefully be fairly straightforward. Drop us a line to support@dizzyjam.com if you need help with any element of the Dizzyjam Facebook App.

Enjoy selling through Facebook!