Tools to help you sell more merch

Embeddable shopsEmbeddable shops

Have your own site or blog? Then our tools allow you to create a shop which you can embed directly into your site. That way your fans can browse and buy without ever leaving your site. Here's a great example of how one shop-owner is using it.

To get the code you need, just head here (you may need to log in first) and select the "Embed Shop" option next to whichever of your shops you want it for.

You'll be able to personalize the size of the shop, shop colors, borders and all the usual stuff.

Add Music to Your MerchAdd Music to Your Merch

You can add free downloads to your merchandise so when a fan buys a product they'll get a link and be able to download some audio goodness. Just login, head here and click on "Add Music to Merch"

Your own personalized shop addressYour own personalized shop address

Don't forget that you have as an address. Make sure you plaster it all over your Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, email signatures, newsletters and blog. If no-one knows you've got a shop, they can't buy your merch, right? Don't know what your personalized URL is? Just head to your account page, right click on the relevant shop, and copy the address. Hey presto! You can paste that link anywhere!

Also, don't forget that you can add all your social media links, embed YouTube videos, stream tracks and mixes, and add a profile image plus information about yourself and your merch in your shop. Just click the "Edit" button under your shop logo and fill in all the info.

Facebook InviterFacebook Inviter

On the right-hand side of your product or shop you'll see a Facebook icon and a link that says "Invite Friends". Click here to hook up to Facebook and send a message to your friends inviting them to check out your merch!

General tips for selling more merch

  • Make sure you're offering mens, womens and hoodies. The more options, the more likely you are to sell stuff.
  • Keep your shop profile up to date. Add links, display your YouTube videos, news items and general info on your shop page.
  • Give your fans free stuff when they buy merch. Just ask them to forward you their Dizzyjam purchase confirmation email, then you can send them a CD, a signed poster or a surprise gift!
  • Do limited edition merch. Upload designs for a limited time and tell your fans. Maybe you want to do a different design each month?
  • Free gigs for anyone wearing your merch - if a fan rocks up to your gig wearing some of your merch then why not let them in for free? You've already made a profit from the merch, so why not earn their undying love by giving them something back?!

Got any questions, suggestions, ideas or thoughts? Drop us a line via our contact page.